Today she feels like the entire weight of the world is resting on her shoulders. So many good intentions gone to waste, so much action taken without love or grace, so many shadows blocking the light. When she feel so much of the world’s pain, her only hope is to see the good intentions in the failures of others, and to hope for peace so that she can be a beacon for others.
Take comfort -without you we’d be lost.

She feels unbalanced upset than it is for other people. She is feeling the effects quite strongly. Her sensitivity isn’t constructive. All she needs is a little bit motivation ,to rewind the energy rush right away to build the momentum regime.
Take comfort -without you we’d be lost
Hush!!! Don’t overdo it. She has a full schedule to contend with. It’s going to take a lot of energy to see her through. take it easy for a while. don’t be in a rush. Be extra careful sweet girl
Take comfort without you we’ d be lost


Her Lost Love

You will never understand the damage you did to someone until the same thing happens to you. How can She forget those memories when everything between you was okay when You used to share pain, your laughter, your dreams and most importantly enjoy each others company. But ”She should have known better, That everything that was happening was a big shrewd and that There was only ever one way it was going to end.

Everyone kept on telling Her she shouldn’t be so good but what does it cost to be good anyway. Naive they called her always wearing a smile but this time , she can’t recall whether it was a smile because it was more like a frown or rather a fake smile. She tried very hard to control her tears from falling in my chubby cheeks but to no avail.
She felt a deep pain in my chest it felt like her insides had been dragged out through her chest. Why????? Why me she cried as She asked the fates that were listening to her.She never thought that someone could suddenly change that one day you are important and the other one you are nothing to them.
She was one person full of life,ambitions hardworking and a day dreamer She would always get into the sweet world of imagination where She saw self development in everything She did. She always made sure to work hard so that one day her sweet imagination will turn into reality.She loved you immensely and she would do everything in her power
However her one worst mistake was believing that her future and blessings lied in you, Huh!! how could She have forgotten that not everything is meant to be, how could She not see your true colors with your actions, when you treated her like She’s nothing and whether She’s around or not it didnt matter to you.
You made her feel like a loser, You made her to prove herself so many times you never valued all the efforts she was putting but one of your worst mistake was thinking that no matter what you did to her she’ll never leave you. She learnt her worth and when she looked at things differently she stopped and saw the dead flowers she’s been watering…..But aren’t we always told to fight for what we believe to be ours. But what was more important to water a dead flower or to fight her worth?
”You should know better this Was the reality that was hitting her really hard. ” Then If she quited and walk away how was that wrong.
” I looked up in a sky I wonder in the stars what on earth was wrong with me.” This took her to world of gumball…I will never forget that incident. she Cries
She woke up feeling joyful and lively that day. She started the happy chit chats when she saw her long lost friend Through all this happy chit chats She forgot you had asked out for your help that’s when hell turned lose you yelled out removing all your frustrations out on her You abused and mistreated her you pushed her away without realizing hence she walked away regretting ever asking for your help she was hurt and she decided to give you sometime you apologized and promised it will never happen again.
She fell for your sweet words again then after sometime you repeated the same mistake for the second and third, Fourth, Fifth…. time but at this time she was fed up and she decided to walk away without any warning
The future is always in your hands so the adage goes but how was She supposed to carry on when someone treated her like She is nothing and it made no difference whether you are around or not.
Everything was becoming unbearable that the only thing I could was to let go and digest that her need in your life has ended.She was made to feel like a loser t you thought no matter what you did to her She will not leave this was now one of your worst mistakes a time came when She found solace and a Person that will appreciate her efforts.


Today I saw someone status “If you can’t grow with them don’t chill with them stay around with those who you can grow with.” I don’t know what came into me but I was lost in my thoughts as this statement left me reflecting my life with the people and the groups I normally associate myself with.

I’ve always had this desire to belong and to be part of the in-group. Which can be among the most powerful of human motivations. this desire to conform can seriously cripple our powers and hinder our potentials and talents.

Not long ago I had this feeling of being left out and I felt a strong urge to fit in.Obviously we all want to feel appreciated therefore I did almost everything I could to belong, I joined a group hence realizing that I did not do things to benefit me but rather I did things to try to fit in.Without realising that I was making a mistake of lying to my self unaware of so many misapplication of false thoughts in mere inspection of what the in-group did.

The convictions I had included Believing in everything I was told without having second thoughts or questioning them, contradicting between what I knew that is my own perspective and what the in group said and failing to believe in myself so as not to be judged.

I lacked independence and I became naive and passive, Hence being timid lacking self confidence and self trust perharps it was because of the intimidating in group I belonged in and the humiliating life style experience.
I’m not saying that belonging to a group is bad but what happens when all you do in the group is to try to belong doing things that aren’t growing you as a human?? Again What about when you loose yourself trying to to be like someone else??
The boring truth as Always is that you’ll never be like anyone else.

I was challenged and I tried to look at things in a different perspective then I learnt that I was in a dead environment that was preventing me from development, I found myself unable to think and even forgetting what I knew hence I decided to come up with a new policy on the way I do things. Being part of a in-group feels so good but we can not all fit so coherently.I learnt to stand out for what makes me grows me as a person and to have moral integrity on what I believe in so that I could get challenged.

Essentially people try to fit in their societies,schools work place etc I’m not saying that we should stay within our circles but what does it cost us to explore our mind out of what the in-group expect us to do and get out of those wires of conformism by doing things that we never thought of doing.

Eventually it’s not wrong to feel this way but if it does happen we need to learn to think making use of the wasted time and do things we were hesitant to do because we were worried of what people might say.However, Alot of people will often stay in such circumstances instead of succumbing the autrocious dilemma facing them.

Customarily we let prejudicial thoughts in our minds we keep the unnecessary things to our minds hence trying to think alike which cannot happen but today if you want to grow as a person then break the chains of conformism as one wise man said that you are a reflection of the five people you walk with choose your in groups correctly similarly if you don’t belong walk away.

She found peace in hedonistic gratification

Today a girl is sitted here feeling so hurt, empty, betrayed, Used, disrespected, rejected, deceived, let down, criticized, unwanted, Unappreciated and craving for love and attention from others.

Feeling like her energy is deteriorating ,Feeling restless and agitated,Feeling tearful and wanting to be silent.

She has been in an instance where Someone did something and behaved in a certain way that goes against her ethics , She was left disappointed and hurt by their actions. She has become a victim of mentality???

Situations have left her miserable pushing her to dillemas that leads her to making hasty and foolish decisions,that might result to negative impact in her life?? But today She found herself making decisions with shot run gratification not because she is unethical but because for a while she found peace with herself.
She made this decision unconsciously to let the un thought decision creep in her life but this may term as an irony of what she thought to be a big decision.

She is feeling sorry for herself and She sees things in a negative way, She considers every thing as a personal attack, and she has become so defensive in everything that comes her way.

In addition to this she is succumbed with fear and she has become hesitant to form new relationships due to the fear of being let down or dissapointed like what happened to her in the past!
She is aware of ethical decision making ,But she cries,” Even the hedonistic tendencies are helping her because she found peace with herself.”

It’s a natural for her to feel like this because she is a human and she has that urge to feel loved and appreciated,But is her decision of wanting things to go her way justified? This remains a rhetorical question!

Immediate gratification is the tendency to see pleasure and avoid pain.Hence making short term decisions.Short term decision is also important when you’re facing a fierce predator of hunger and offered the opportunity to eat to your fill in a time when starvation is a much bigger concern than obesity.

Given this, it’s imperative that we learn to hold off satisfying Our desires in order to gain an even better reward or benefit in the future. As this is more wiser behavior, but we still struggle on a daily basis with the temptation to give in to our immediate desires.


Whatever I felt,Whatever I wished,Seemed like those faded years of childhood that flew,Away in some dilemma.I felt somehow confused and everything looked like an illusion.

Round the clock,the clock is ticking it was a race against time.The light faded away into nothing.I looked at the sky…it wasn’t the same sky..today the sky seemed more beautiful..the sun was setting in the west direction…

Two weeks to the final exams I felt like I didn’t know much and I was trying very hard to read what I thought I didn’t know. It was my dream to join one of the best university in the country to study Mass communication but now I was panicking, I had kept my self productive throughout the year and I was studying very hard as I know I had wasted so much time with ”pseudo problems”. In the previous years. The reason I had come up with a new resolution this year that is education comes first.

We had a group discussion earlier this morning as we were meeting to discuss We divided the work against the group members and by 12noon we were done. I didn’t have anything to do in the afternoon and I decided to go add to my knowledge.But I was mentally exhausted and I couldn’t take anymore and I rushed to the dorms to have a quick nap.

I was not good at handling pressure therefore I felt so angry and My current thoughts were now evil with a darkened soul.I threw the book in the bed next to mine and laid down to sleep.

I was in an isolated place which looked like a village the houses were abandoned and there were some few old villagers around . I saw a long queue and decided to check what was happening. I saw an old lady whom I called granny she asked me my dear what do you want most in your life?? To achieve my dreams granny I answered excitedly….you know I want to be like my role model. Ja…
Look dear she replied do you see that car?? where I asked.. Right behind you! Yes I replied, I want you to better it. When you become a doctor, she said. Not even once did I think of doing medicine I made up my mind ever since I entered form one.
I looked behind and I saw an old Small grey Car. I walked towards it and she Bid me off I drove off and headed to a place which was full of thick vegetation and scattered trees

I felt scared because there was no one around the dark terrified me but this time my stomach was groaning in hunger. I was very hungry I went out to grab something to eat but the sound of the cricket made me feel More frightned….. I walked for a while searching for Something “eatable.”
After a long search I sat under a tree wondering what to do… After a while, the weather changed and became terrible, the beautiful blue sky that I had seen earlier had changed to dark grey and it looked like a storm was coming.I was not used to rains therefore I was very terrified but I knew something must be done as quickly as possible.

I stood up and ran as fast as I could unfortunately I fell down and twisted my ankle which was hurting very much.I started crying after some time I stood up and ran as fast as I could but it was raining heavily with thunder storms which were very loud and could be heard from miles away.
I was very tired and I decided to rest. I sat under a tree knowing it was dangerous to shelter under a tree especially during a storm. I was soaked by the rain when I heard strange noises, shivers ran down my back and my heart was beating at a fast-rate in a fright, a million thoughts raced through my mind. I thought it was the wind howling. As time passed by I kept hearing the same noise and I was scared. Then I saw a shadow approaching me it was as black as ebony and it began to waver I cried bitterly pleading it not to hurt me and the last thing I remember was seeing the same grandma who looked at me with a considering look and walked away without saying a word as she gave me her bemused reaction.

I jumped off my bed panting heavily What a relief! It was only a dream.
This was my most frightening dream which left me puzzled and so confused on what it meant because even today I can’t recall the face of the granny and ironically my Grandma had passed away not long ago.
I tried to remember the previous events….before going to bed I remember fantasizing about my life after highschool I was very eager and couldnt wait to finish. but how come all this has happened in just one night is still my baffled question.


We all like to feel good about ourselves. Nobody likes to think of himself or herself as being below average. As we are always taught on life skills about self confidence, it is important to be able to look honestly at our personal strengths and weaknesses. Everyone wants to set high personal goals, but not goals that are wildly unrealistic. Self confidence grounded in genuine accomplishment is an important element of success while Overconfidence is an obstacle to success.

Looking at the stars in a glowing dark I could hear her ”Im the best when it comes to relationships, I don’t like holding grudges, I read motivation speech everyday and I sleep as sweetly as a baby at night,because I know I’m not capable of hurting people,I’m always positive and I don’t like negative thoughts in my mind. I love reading and I performed very well.I’ll definitely go back to school to study law…. no not law I guess I will be studying international relations because I know I’m really smart….

Human beings like to make a good impression, and for some people that means letting everyone across any number of situations. Of course there is a time and place for self-promotion, but just one step too far can land you in the bragging zone.

Have you had instances of people who claim to be more talented or knowledgeable than they really are.
Have you heard about self deception???

Last year, I met someone who was trying to be one-of-a-kind. Someone who will try to get along with everyone which is not logic because I’m sure no matter how good you are not everyone will like you.
Esther was her name and I liked her outgoing personality and her charms but when I spent more time with her then I must say I didn’t like her behaviour at all, perhaps it’s because I held confused meanings of her character
”I know, ” ”You can’t understand!” This were her phrases which She will scream by letting you know she’s the best and she will demean you showing you that according to her you are not as wise as she is, She used to say this particularly to show you she is the best in her job, She will continue to tell you how good she was at her studies,She will brag about how her clothes are expensive among others, She will do this by repeating past glories and promising that they will continue to conquer the world.

In addition to this ,Whenever you are discussing a topic with her she will change the topic as She was a conversation narcissist as she would try to turn the topic to her self instead of showing interest in the speaker.I used to refer her as a stage hogger.

I asked others whether they saw something funny on her behavior and everyone else was like ”yeah”. When I couldn’t take anymore of those brags then I guess we stopped getting along and we begun having petty fights which led to no good.

In this world there are different types of characters and egocentric is one of them.Egocentrism is a tendency of seeing reality centered to oneself and self-serving bias,is a form of egocentrism where people tend to overate themselves. Studies show that self-serving bias is an extremely common trait. It is easy, of course, to understand why people tend to overrate themselves.

At some point of your life you will meet people with such behavior but it’s not easy to cope with their behavior if you are unaware of intellectual traits. Therefore you need to learn how to handle a braggart tactfully.
You can politely interrupt them, where he/she will notice she is boring you.
You can avoid discussing topics that will lead him/her to bragging.

A braggart is so self-absorbed, he will think you have been dumbstruck by his greatness, One thing I’ve learnt about them is that braggarts,never acknowledge that they are bragging.,They are also unaware that they are annoying Instead, braggarts believe they are helping you to become as awesome as they are by sharing their secrets.
But the big question still remains When you see someone living a lie and absorbed by self deception should we tell someone that he/she is a braggart or should we just let them be?


Every human being wants to stay in a surrounding with lovely ambience, fresh air, silent and only the singing of birds can be heard. All this are wishes to many and a boring reality to some,the question is are we to choose the kind of environment we want to leave in? or is it that our social status will determine where we will be?

I was born and raised in a spattered cubicle at the centre of a densely populated slum. Life was typically different from what any of you rich goons would expect. It was a hard straggle from when you wake up and face the sun in the morning till you lay in darkness at night.
If a child wakes up in the morning breakfast is not on the diary that day, he or she will help in some chores at home since mum is out looking for something to put on the table later in the day, dad is working his muscle out at the quarry to carter for the bills. The refuge that this children find is in playing. Yes playing, this will help this little creatures push time. The problem is where do they play? and what do the play with? That young talented engineer in the slums will go to the heep of garbage to look for his construction materials, the curious little plumber will be at the smelly sewage fixing imaginary pipes, The aggressive little doctor will be giving out dirty water as medine syrups to his patients. The innocent young chef will be preparing mouth watering delicacies with ingredients picked by the road side.

Yes all are talented and very passionate of becoming what they wish to be, but is the environment friendly? Of course not , that child from a well established family will have their talent natured. The engineer will have toys to fix , the plumber will be at the clean swimming pool , the chef will have cooking tutorials using real ingredients. Now see the difference between the two set of people. However there are some good things that come with such hardship. That young doctor from the slums will be able to handle vital stuff than that artificially molded sophisticated small doctor. This young individuals are not to be blamed for the miserable life they encounter. Do we say that there parents should take fault in this? I think so since if only they had worked extra harder they could have made there lives and those they love better.